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About Us

Li Chen Filter Equipments Enterprise Co., Ltd.

To increase our staying power in the fiercely competitive world of today, our only alternative is to raise the quality of our products and continue to make strides forward, making long-term commitment as our goal.

Our company is devoted to serving the synthetic textile industry. After we were established in 1972, we engaged in the development and manufacture of spinning pack filter, CPF candle filter.

Products possess high quality and high performance, and we have dedicated great effort to researching and developing new products that can help raise the quality of the raw fiber produced by synthetic textile industry.

The new stair-type filter we have developed after years of hard work have already received Taiwan, Japanese and German patents. Another of our company's products are glass beads in many specifications. These beads can help raise the quality of fibers through their use in the synthetic textile industry for filtration and grinding.

Our strategy of development is "quality, R&D, and innovation" But it's only thanks to your support that will be able to develop even more newer and economical products.

Established in:1973
Annual Sales:USD$ 4 Millions
Business Type:OEM Manufacturer ODM Manufacturer
Markets: World Wide
Main Products:Stair Type Filters, CPF Candle Filter, Stainless Steel Filter, Wave Spinning Pack Filter, Synthetic Fiber Spinning Pack Filter, Gasket, Tea Strainer / Stainless Steel Strainer
No. of Employee:60
Contact Detail
Sales Contact:Allen
Address:No. 43, Dongtian St., Toufen City, Miaoli County , Taiwan (R.O.C.)