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CPF Candle Filter

CPF Candle Filter (02)

CPF is made of alkali and acid proof coarse fine metallic filter, non-woven fabric metallic filter, five layers of sintered metallic filter and other like material of special specifications. Candle Filter is therefore f...

Wave Spinning Pack Filter

Wave Spinning Pack Filter (04)

It is made of non-woven metallic filter, with its filtering area about three times larger than that of the traditional filters so as to facilitate the increase of the life of pack, and to alleviate the effect of broken y...

Synthetic Fiber Spinning Pack Filter

Synthetic Fiber Spinning Pack Filter (05)

This product is a traditional filter of plain weave, rhombic weave, and repetitious weave. Based on the specific conditions of spinning yarns, it may opt for layers of copper frame, aluminum frame, or stainless frame met...

Stainless Steel Filter

Stainless Steel Filter (03)

High quality stainless steel strainer, according to customer demand, order the production of various specification.

Stair Type Filters

Stair Type Filters (01)

For many tears firms in the synthetic textile industry have wished to raise product quality and develop high-grade fibers, and have begun by seeking to improve filter performance. However it always seems that filter scre...


Gasket (06)

Copper or aluminum is the principal material of this product. It facilitates the close tight fitting and use of metallic filters of various specifications.

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